Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Even our rappers are righteous

From a recent article about DJ Beshho:

"The people here are used to fighting but I teach against war, to not fight their brothers, to respect everyone. They should only fight with their raps, not their fists or with guns. The country needs teachers like me."

Even our rappers want peace...I guess if we have to have 'gangsta' rappers, I want one that advocates for peace.


As always, DJ Besho has the last word. "This one mullah came to me — he used to be in the Taleban and he was telling me what I was doing was bad. I let him try on some of my clothes and rapped to him, and he was won over."

I want to know who got won over so easily?


There is no doubt that DJ Besho is striking a chord with Afghanistan's young and he is so popular that President Karzai requested a meeting. DJ Besho, however, was an hour late and missed it.

Now that's ghetto!


Q. A. Shah said...

My favorite part of the article was the mullah part. Just trying to imagine that scene and DJ Beshho dressing up the mullah in Mecca gear and rapping to him is too much.

Seems like the "hearts and minds" campaign is completely misguided. We got a solution now...my vote is for Andre 3000 or Lil' John as the next cultural mission to Afg.

vasco pyjama said...

Great post. I can't stream it as our internet is not fast enough. Do you know if I can download?

homeinkabul said...

why thank you vasco. Here is the link to the youtube video.

I couldn't find anything on the site that says anything about downloading the video though.

Q, do you have any ideas?

I bet they have some bootleg copies on chicken street. Or better yet, ask your local co-workers to let you borrow their dvd...i know someone there must have one.

Q. A. Shah said...

Was there a undertone of mocking in asking if I have any ideas?

I'll give you a benifit of the doubt, so:

1) A remake/remix of "Bombs Over Baghdad" retitled "Bombs Outta Kabul" featuring DJ Besho w/ cameos by Andre and Lil' John. Their first performance being at the Olympic Stadium.

2) Well, one idea is enough for now...

btw, bootleg copies of what?

Q. A. Shah said...

Oh wait. you meant ideas about downloading the video?

Heh. Hehe...paranoia...heh.

Ummm, sorry, no actually useful ideas in my head. But yeah, now the bootleg thing makes more sense.

homeinkabul said...

I meant, do you have any ideas with youtube so Vasco can see the video. But your response is priceless, and will be mocked now

homeinkabul said...

Can we have Q-tip do the cameo instead of lil Jon?

Q. A. Shah said...

You call that mocking me? All that was is a feeble attempt at out name-dropping me. And Q-tip is a good suggestion, but he doesn't have the flava that DJ Besho has.

Cee-Lo may be the way to go.

Or we could go the muslim rapper route, i.e. Mohammed Ali and Mos Def, for example. Though I don't think the 5%ers would be appreciated here, so no Poor Righteous Teachers.

homeinkabul said...

Oh, I LOVE Mos Def.


General Lion said...

I wish I had my headphones.

I agree...Most Def needs to stop acting and keep rapping.

Anonymous said...

Rapper Lil Jon is totally rigtheous with his pimp cup.