Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Proud to be an American

I will miss this. I went to the pro-immigration rally yesterday and it was wonderful. I forgot how inspiring it is to be around so many people who all are making a stand for social justice.

My friend and I met at Meridian Hill (or Malcolm X Park) and we marched off with the rest of the happy people. It took us two hours to march down to the Mall but it was awesome. Red, white and blue flags waved around by brown, red, white, black & yellow people. The diversity in this country is amazing. It’s our strength and we should treasure it.

I hope the U.S. Congress and people with anti-immigration stances are paying attention. I came to the U.S. as a refugee but the anti-immigration stance applies to me too. Just because I was lucky and privileged enough to be recognized as a refugee, doesn’t mean that I should forget others, who by twists of fate are considered ‘illegals’.

We migrants work hard, we are the backbone of society, and we deserve to be here. We demand our rights.


Leah said...

I heard something on NPR this morning about there being an upcoming boycott related to the protests. I know how much you love a good boycott!

Anonymous said...

You know me so well, I truly do love boycotts. My boycott of the diamond industry is truly crippling those blood diamond-mongerers.

I think they did something like that in Atlanta. Where everyone in the Hispanic community stopped buying, closed down their shops and didn't come in to work. Pretty awesome.

Q. A. Shah said...

Wait...so you were IN the protests rather than LOing the protests?

What those ugly florescent green hats scared you off? heh.

Anonymous said...

LO = Legal Observing...Umm, no. I was participating in solidarity with my people. I did want to orange sashes the organizers had, it reminded me of my safety patrol days.

Q. A. Shah said...

LO is basically the safetly patrol. I guess I shoulda been more clear. It's observing the police and their actions during a march, rally, protest, etc., and a means of protecting the rights of the protestors.

AND you get to wear a spiffy looking hat. Everyone needs a hat like that. Especially since it just makes it easier for the police to pick you as a target for a good beating. Everyone needs a good beating.

Suz said...

Brown people UNITE!

batya said...

I am tryign to get into immigration law...i cant believe i never thought about it while i was in law school given my foreigner fetish. but i do a lot of work with an organization called HIAS (hebrew immigrant aid society) which is the one of the first (if not the first) organizations established in the US to help immigraants and refugees...and they still help ppl all over the world. im getting obsessed with immigration stuff now...do these comments get emailed to you?