Thursday, April 20, 2006

Revenge of the Bee

Dear Roomie,

There was a bee in your room this morning. I followed it into your room. I, man among men, attempted to kill it. I smacked it with my flip flop and then went screaming out of the room. It's either dead or really angry.

God bless,



Elizabeth said...

Oh my my, look who finally got a blog! So glad you have finally reached watani shumo! Khush omaded, khoharjon! Well my Dari ends right about there. You absolutely must leave me a note if you get to come through to Tajikistan.

homeinkabul said...

Why thank you. I kept starting and deleting the this is the longest running yet.

I will definitely let you know if I get to come through Tajikistan.

Neets said...

oh! so finally i found your blog- u dont have a link to your profile... makes hunting difficult. nice blog. god bless the bee's soul and forgive you of this maaaasssive sin! have you been stung by a beee---- i have one day before my birthday in 97/98 . 3 bee stings- some experiance!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Do you think this is some jihn's idea of fun, sending bees into our home? Its a good thing I have such a brave roommate!

homeinkabul said...

I liked the jinn better when it just rearranged our spice cabinet. Ugh, now I'm scared.

Neets, I figured out how you found my blog (ahem, I guess this is what happens when Q links to your blog, huh?). You're very welcome...

Elizabeth, can I put up a link to your blog? Since you are the one who encouraged and inspired me to start a blog?