Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The end of something?

(Modified the title from Q, who posted a lovely poem.)

Finally done with finals, I am waiting for my grades now. I thought I would jump back into blogging but it turns out that I need to frantically pack, clean the apartment, prepare for my graduation picnic (which is turning into the largest picnic ever, can’t Afghans do anything on a small scale?) and tie up some loose ends.

I’m also feeling quite nervous and…I don’t know…jumbled? Law school has been hard but interesting; I imagine that I’ll need more time to process everything.

I’ll be moving in with my parents while I wait for my contract. Inshallah, that’ll go well because if it doesn’t…well, then you’re all getting my resume. I really want this job, so please pray and hope that I get it please.

As I have stopped to send emails and I am generally feeling quite flustered, I’ll write more once I feel more focused.


omg said...

Yay! You're done with finals! I've been checking the blog daily to see when you would be able to come back up for air. I'm so happy for you, and I'll chat with you soon.

Lone Star State said...

completing something like this warrants an activity like climbing the Karakorums. since getting there might take a while, I propose climbing Wisconsin, instead (well, we can walk down first, then climb back up). We'll pretend the lovely view of Rosslyn is actually vast central asian plains :)

Vasco Pyjama said...

Well done in finishing. Aren't you coming here?!

homeinkabul said...

Thank you! I am feeling better now. I packed up my bedroom and am working on the few items I'm taking to my parents from the kitchen and living room...Then I can relax and re-focus today!

Lone Star,
How about we walk down Wisconsin, have some ice cream at Ben & Jerry's and then take the bus up? :)

I'm still waiting to hear on the contract...I hope to come to Afg, I'a.