Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Friday circus

It’s gratifying to be asked for new posts, okay by 2 people. But still nice. I’ve been really busy lately and also struggling to adjust. I expected the first few months to be my ‘honeymoon’ period, but it started out difficult...It’s getting better now though.

I didn’t post the below entry (re imagined missiles and coups) because I didn’t want to worry anyone but also because I am tired of thinking about it. I think my shaking may have to do with anxiety but I’ve been doing breathing exercises and etcetera and my shaking has subsided.

Another thing on my mind is that my good friend’s young daughter has been diagnosed with a serious kidney disease, so please pray for her and her family. We’re having a khatem (prayer round) for her on Friday. Perhaps I’ll do a post on khatems. Inshallah, our prayers will work. ☺

I went to an MMCC (link on the right) production last Friday and it cheered me up. I really miss working with kids. The little head in the picture is my cousin’s baby. He heard the music from MMCC’s production and started moving his head back and forth. I’m spending the night over my cousin’s house on Thursday to help prepare for the khatem on Friday and I’m super excited to see the baby.

I wrote this earlier this week.

I’m having a hard time adjusting here, if it’s not already obvious by my posts. This visit is so much more different. Everything isn’t fresh and new, and the novelty of being in Kabul has worn off a bit. Perhaps because it’s not a visit.

Today, I heard a (very) low-flying plane and thought – missile. I didn’t hear a crash, so I don’t think it’s that

Then, about an hour later, I heard loud chanting. It was coming from behind the building and I thought, Coup d’etat.

I started to tremble, put on my long black jacket, stuffed some Afghanis and my phone in my pocket, cursed the fact that I wore my slippery black scarf today instead of the one that stays firmly on my head, sent a skype to my mom saying I had a meeting and bye, opened the door, walked out into the hallway, slipped into my neighbor’s office, where we all seem to congregate during times of crisis, and exchanged pleasantries with a lady in a lovely peach outfit.

It ended up being the same guys who were protesting last week. They were protesting either being fired or not getting their pensions. The U.S. Warden message said something about 800-1000 people but I saw less than 200.

I’m being bitten up by some insect as I write this. Yuck.


omg said...

My dear home in Kabul, I second those people who ask for more updates. I just didn't want to pressure you, but now I will. :-) The picture is great; I'm glad to hear that the children still have things to enjoy. I imagine that will go a long way toward ensuring a healthy society.

As for the other post, I for one am glad that you decided to post it. Yes, we worry, but we worry anyway, whether you write about something specific or not. And I understand not wanting to think about it anymore, but there's also the chance that writing about it might help decrease the anxiety (whether you actually post it or not), so my suggestion is to keep writing. (I should follow my own advice.)

From a wanna-be writer's point of view, I will say that I loved the added touch of the peach outfit.

Love ya!

Horsing Around in Houston said...

I did not ask for posts, but only because I'm trying to live down my stalker reputation :)

Truly, it pleases me to see you have written more. Can't wait to explore the new posts!