Sunday, August 20, 2006

Your Sunday update

I brought ALL of my work home on Thursday. Like I was going to do it all. Umm, no. Not so much.

We had Saturday off for Independence day and it was awesome to have a 2 day weekend.

I need to remind myself that I can’t do everything at home. And won’t. It’ll save my back from lugging all that work around.

Last night, we had a little going-away party for my Kawkoh (uncle) Y. He’s been in Kabul since 2001 and he’s going back to Europe to be with his family. He and my family go way back. He’s my uncles’ childhood friend and quickly assumed the role of Uncle when I first came here 3 years ago.

It’s pretty sad that he’s leaving. Three years ago, he didn’t want to leave. Now he’s leaving with warnings of Afghanistan’s deterioration. It’s unsettling and just plain sad to think that he won’t be here in Kabul.

On Friday, I helped with a JAHAN distribution (link on the right) and then we went over my cousin’s house for a khatem. This time, it is for an aunt who has cancer. It felt longer than the khatem that we did for other relative. At the end of the khatem, during the dedication, I started to cry. I saw a beam of light shoot up from our little table, covered in twister-esq tablecloth and raw kidney beams, ricochet off the sky and turn towards my aunt. She was sleeping in a white hospital bed and the light covered her.

I don’t know if it was just my imagination, but I hope not.

We found out later that she’s doing better. Please say a little prayer for her and my other cousin (previous khatem).


imperial sugar land said...

Our prayers are with your aunt and all your family. Thank you for sharing your spiritual moment with us.

So, your Indi Day was this weekend? How is the date decided? As in, what is the defining moment that says "We are now Independent"?

Sorry if that question is too basic. I typed it then realized I could also google the answer. But I'll leave it in here, in case you have the patience the answer it.

homeinkabul said...

Against the British, I'm pretty sure...

gothambat said...

definitely praying for your aunt and cuzin. i need some prayers for my cousin and grandma.

serwat said...

Dear Gotham Bat,

Our prayers and love to your cousin and grandma. May they stay safe and well.

homeinkabul said...

Yeah GB, my prayers are with your family too.

gothambat said...

thanks guys!

Roohafza Junkie said...

My prayers are with R Aunty and your cousin. May they be blessed with better health soon. Ameen.

Belated Happy Independence Day :)