Monday, September 18, 2006

I've officially decided to suck it up

I'm so tired of myself and my hive-ridden body. I'm on anti-histamines and while they haven't solved it completely, it's bearable. When I'm done being irritated, I'll write about the healthcare system in Afghanistan and how even the most expensive place (German Clinic, where they take $100 deposit)...still says, so, 'You're going to the U.S. soon, to get checked out, right?"

We heard two shots outside of our office and my two co-workers ran to the window to check it out, while I yelled at them. I then gave up, sent a chat message to my cousin, "BRB - shooting" and looked out the window with them. We saw some running soldiers but nothing else. Nothing to the scale of the bombing 2 months ago. Or maybe I'm just getting used to it.

Poland gave 1,000 troops, which is positive - they didn't mention whether they Polish troops are allowed to go down south. And the U.S. army has started an offensive down south. Lots of flying helicopters in Kabul.

I'm working on a bullshit report right now. Donors give lots of money, require hiring expensive experts (usually from their country/organization). Donors then require time-consuming reports so said experts will write reports rather than work on actual reform. I am not the expensive expert, btw. Our expensive experts are out of town. Eye roll and dramatic sighing ensues.


omg said...

Love your last paragraph. Isn't that how things always work? Geez. It's a wonder anyone in this world ever gets anything done.

As for the shooting, stay safe, and keep your head down when you're looking out those windows.

choayang said...

I agree with OMG. both paragraphs.

Y'all are all over CNN. I'm waiting for the camera to swing across a building and I see your head popping out.

Elizabeth said...

Agree with omg and choayang, and though I don't know either of them, I feel somehow I would like your friends.

I don't like the German clinic. I called them asking if I could get a prenatal check-up and they said yes. I went and the doctor literally said to me, first thing, "Oh, we won't see you here. You need to go somewhere else." I had waited a couple of weeks to get the visit and was very nervous and she pretty much just gave me a card of someone else and told me to leave. I tried to tell her that I had already waited two weeks since I had made an appointment, and couldn't they have told me that over the phone? I never got my appointment which was really frustrating.

I got the $100 back but what a waste of an entire five days (one day travel, one day wait, one day appointment, one day wait, one day travel, ARGH).

homeinkabul said...

E, I think you would like my friends also. Perhaps, one day... :)

Yeah, at least I got the cortisone & antihistamine shots - though it was scary when my hands were tingling all day

Ugh, I would've thrown a hissy fit at the Clinic if I were you...

chaoyang said...

E: I'm sure I'd like you, too! I'm so sorry to hear about your prenatal appt issues.... I agree with Home in Kabul, that a hissy fit was due. But it sounds like the doctor didn't let you get a word in edgewise.

chaoyang said...

are you still hanging in there? i'm a little worried we haven't heard from you in so many days.