Tuesday, September 12, 2006


NATO members have refused to increase troops to Afghanistan. After these past weeks of rocket attacks and bombings in Kabul and the months of warfare in the south of Afghanistan, I am disgusted and depressed.

We (Afghans) are trying to clean up, rebuild and start new lives here but we need help. There’s so much going wrong here and I’m just angry and sad. Nato States Ignore Afghan Call

They’re asking for 2,500 extra people. That doesn’t seem that much to me.

Oh, and there was a suicide bomber at the funeral of Governor Taniwal (Khoda bobakhshesh).
The funeral of an Afghan provincial governor, the most senior official to be killed in the country this year, was attacked today by a suicide bomber, who killed six people, including a 12-year-old boy.
Bloodshed at Afghan funeral of politician


omg said...

I understand both sides of the NATO argument. It's a hard spot.

Ugh. How can someone have the indecency to attack a funeral? That makes me angry.

Anonymous said...

O: I really don't understand both sides of the NATO argument. The south needs help and all of their dilly-dallying now isn't going to help matters later. If we had a sufficient force over the last few year, we wouldn't be having this issue now. I understand that the member countries want to save lives but I firmly believe that if more troops aren't sent in now...we're going to lost alot more lives in the near future.

And the funeral attack, I think, is just the beginning.

K-Oh said...

Are you still hopeful?

Anonymous said...

always hopeful. I can't ever stop hoping. :)