Thursday, September 14, 2006

oh no

So, I started itching again. I popped in two allergy pills and this morning realized that:

1) I’m severely allergic to the cat
2) I’m allergic to the allergy medicine.

What do I do with the cat? And, in much more positive news, I'm looking forward to my Friday. Yay, day off!!


chaoyang said...

oh no... maybe you can find a home to adopt the cat? cousins, khalas, or others? that way you could insist on visitation rights, too.

no cat, no allergies, so that solves the allergic to allergy meds prob, right?

I think you should join a gym ;) get the blood running, and sweat it all off. maybe some place serene and peaceful, surrounded by gardens?

omg said...

Oh no! Not allergic to MarMar! (was that the cat's name?) But... didn't you already know you were allergic to cats? Did I imagine that? Chaoyang makes a good point about the problem with the allergy meds. Maybe someone at work wants a kitty?

homeinkabul said...

Yeah, I think I might have to give her to Tigger House, a veterinary/pet shelter run by an American woman. It's sad but I'll be honest, I don't see her that often, which means that I can't train her - so we're all kinda unhappy with her here.

It's a pretty terrible rash when I do get it, the rash looks like red welts in patches. I'm especially beautiful when it happens. :P

homeinkabul said...

Oh, and I didn't know that I was allergic to cats, I've had them for years.

pjs3 said...

having suffered for the last 14 months with what I call "the itchies," I think we have some commiserating to do. i've visited with at least half a dozen doctors and still don't know what causes it. your suggestion to me months ago was to get a water filter for my shower -- that seems to help a lot. also, vaseline is the only lotion i could use for awhile (i know, it's gross). re your specific problem - it sounds like stress hives and not something related to mar mar (since you've had the kitty for awhile and didn't immediately break out). my suggestion for the moment is to not shower too often and try to use cool water. also, change your shampoo to a mild baby shampoo (if available) and use delicate soap on your clothes and sheets (such as woolite). don't use anything with perfumes! good luck and try not to itch - it makes it worse!

lastly -- i sat on my couch and cried in anguish last summer when "the itchies" finally attacked my neck and face. at the time, I just wanted to crawl out of my skin. so i understand what you're going through!

homeinkabul said...

Well, I gave up the cat, and i'll be honest - i don't really miss her at all. I'm on anti-histamines and am changing the detergent...
Oh well, we'll see. :)