Monday, December 18, 2006

Must. Get. To. Work.

My 'real-life' friends know that I am quite good at googling. I also jump from topic to topic and am always interested in hearing stories. This is not the same as gossip, mind you, though I am sadly, often guilty of that, too. I like to hear stories about people. What they're doing. Where are they now?

Which makes for wonderful procrastination.

I've wondered what Zack's been up to since leaving Rage Against the Machine (some NSFW pictures in there). I remember watching a RATM video on MTV and thinking, who are Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu Jamal? And I remember the heady power of the music. The fact that they weren't talking about the same old booty-shake (though, y'all know that I still love the booty-shake).

They were unapologetically righteous and brave. Big stuff for me. It still is, it's hard to be brave. Especially now, when I think my phone is being tapped. Which sounds silly to admit. But well, all our phones sound funny, including cell phones. Literally sounds like someone is listening. I'd guess that they'd have better technology than that. I'm sure whoever is listening is bored out of their minds. Or chuckling when they hear what I am talking about.

Oh well, Zack, I hope this is true:
The crowd roared; Son del Centro played faster and faster. And all the while, de la Rocha smiled like the happiest man on Earth, a man at peace.
Sheesh, I need to get to work.


chaoyang said...

phones sounds funny? please do remember you're back in the US,now. #1: the US would never invade your privacy like that. #2: phone quality in US is undoubtedly better than Afghanistan, so the "funny" is probably just your ability to actually hear the person on the other end (hear a pin drop - like the AT&T commercial, right?)

So, stop worrying about the phones. and start googling the questions we all really want to know: How many licks to the center of a popsicle? Whatever happened to the kid in the "Mikey likes it" commercials? When is our friend Mr. Alexander McCall Smith coming out with his next book?

Have you read the latest Isabel Dalhousie? I know we hashed over it while you were in Kabul, but i really want you to read it so we can do another "oh-my! can-you-believe-that-happened" moment. Plus, I'm sure I did not tell you all the juicy details - I purposely left something out for you to find out for yourself. And I have ants in my pants just waiting for you to find out what it is.

omg said...

Hmm... tapped phones. We all know how paranoid I am, but I tend to think (prefer to think) your phones are not being tapped.

Get to work on what? Studying? Yeah, I was waiting to hear about that. When is the exam?

Speaking of licks to the center of a lollipop, I want to know if they still show those "hanker for a hunk of cheese" cartoon commercials on Saturday mornings and after school. And if not, why the heck not? Those rocked.

homeinkabul said...

Nah, studying for the bar doesn't start for another 10 days but I need to finish up work stuff.

funnily enough, the phones sound better now. i dunno. perhaps i will blame it on the telephone fairy.

homeinkabul said...

C: They didn't have teh latest Dalhousie novel and I'm too lazy to drive into the city to look for it. Soon, though.

The problem is that the phone quality is decidedly so much worse here than in Kabul which is weird.

O: I do not remember these commercials...I will have to do some searches on the next bout of procrastination.

omg said...

Allow me to assist you in your procrastination:

homeinkabul said...

O: You're an enabler. God Bless you.

K-Oh said...

I hate the phones here-- I don't think the US ever really made the leap from the old infrastructure to the new. Other countries had to.