Friday, December 08, 2006

True Bravery

On Display, The Fruits Of Afghan Altruism

The keyholders kept their mouths shut, even though the head watchman at the museum was tortured. The museum director, Omara Khan Massoudi, went without pay for 20 years and sold potatoes in the Kabul market to support his family.

"The guards at the palace who were tortured and Mr. Massoudi, they are the real heroes," Manhart said.

"With their knowledge, they could have taken objects to Europe and sold them for a very high price, but they didn't," Manhart added.

"The curators and keyholders were so intent on maintaining the country's cultural heritage," Hiebert said. "It's all due to the bravery of the Afghan people. I would love to know where that spirit comes from and how we could clone it."

Link to the full article in the Washington Post

It's not cloning that we need now, it's to foster the culture to let the best elements of Afghan nature to thrive. This is true ghairat.


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