Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Enjoy this while I go underground

Visiting Kabul (NY Times Article)

Good article except for his restaurant recommendations - there is SO much more than his list. Remind me to prepare a list later...

Oh, and what do people have against Ariana Airlines?! You can use Ariana and I think it's just as comfortable as Kam Air (which crashed a few years back).


Frida World said...

Yeah - I saw this article as well and thought, what about The Flower Street Cafe? Greek salads and Manwiches? What could be better than that?

I'm dreaming of a sunny afternoon in the Flower Street Cafe!

homeinkabul said...

Yeah?! And the Grille (home of the mint lemonade!)

Hannah K. O'Luthon said...

I'd be interested in hearing more
about the Kam Air Flight 904 crash
of February 3, 2005. It seems to be
forgotten outside of Aghanistan, but perhaps there are some Afghans who would
like to know what happened, or at least to read an official accident report worthy
of the name. The U.S. NTSB report is not,
in my opinion, worthy of the name, and
hands full report-writing responsability
to the Afghan Civial Aviation and Tourism
Ministry. Some obvious questions:
1) What was the pilot's name? (The
co-pilot was Yuri Zotov)
2) Who was the Iranian (or Irano-American) passenger?
3) Who was the Dutch passenger working
for Snowy Mountain Engineering?
4) Was the death toll actually 106 and not 104 because of two infants who weren't counted as passengers?
5) Who gave the false message to the
Chinese news agency Xinhua saying that
Flight 904 had landed in Peshawar?
6) Was that message "just a coincidence" or did it serve to buy some
time for "recovery" operations?