Friday, January 12, 2007

I won't allow myself to freak out

b/c all of the hotels, rental cars and flights to Albany (New York) are hideously expensive. And that the hotels are booked and I don't know what I should do.

I won't I won't I won't let myself freak out.

But the flights to DC are cheap. Would it be stupid to fly to DC and then take a train to Albany?

Please comment while I sleep.


chaoyang said...

do what you have to do. the train ride might be soothing. i always find train rides soothing.

but what's the cost of a train ride dC to albany? could you go atlanta-nyc then take a train? that might be cheaper/faster. can you get your seat assignment changed to an easier city in ny? maybe nyc? i know hotels are still expensive, but ther are lots of options, no?

i recommend making a decision, whichever way and booking it. it'll only get harder as time passes and you'll only have less and less time.

just do it (-nikey)

[i added the "y" to nike, cuz this saying is a knockoff from china, but it's equally effective as the original]

chaoyang said...

p.s. i miss u. i'm really proud of you for attacking the bar. keep going strong.

'net here is still 80% down. so, u may not hear from me, but you know i'm thinking of you.

omg said...

Is there something fun in Albany?

Have you tried kayak (dot) com?

Raven said...

yes, it.
train to Albany from DC sounds okay...and you could build some fun into the trip if you go that route;)
miss you heaps. surface again after this bar award is over and done with.
postive self-talk, be smart, meditate, eat healthy--dont panic its organic!

SuperfluousA said...

Fly to NYC stay at my place one night. Bus to Albany. If you can't get a hotel, one of my very good friends from HS lives in Albany, I'll give her a call.

SuperfluousA said...

I forgot to say: Do not freak out.

homeinkabul said...

not freaking out anymore. will update via putting my intinerary online might be kinda weird.

homeinkabul said...

Oh, and thank you everyone!

Harlem Mama said...

visit if you can! :-)