Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Italian Journalist Released

Glad he's been released

Protests over Taliban exchange for journalist

what about the translator?

Meanwhile, relatives and friends of the dead driver protested outside the Italian-run hospital at Lashkar Gah where Mastrogiacomo had been recovering. They accused Kabul of caring more about an Italian than an Afghan.
"Why would the Government release five criminals for an infidel foreigner and not for a poor Afghan?" demanded Khan Jan, an uncle of Sayed Agha. Another uncle, Delbar Jan, said "The government makes sacrifice for foreigners, but not for an Afghan."

In exchange

The Taliban prisoners who were freed were named as Ustad Yasir, head of the Taliban?s cultural wing; Mufti Latifullah Hamkimi, a former spokesman; two commanders, believed to be Hafiz Hamdullad and Abdul Ghaffar; and Mansoor Ahmad, brother of the notorious Taliban fighter Mullah Dadullah

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Frida said...

I read an article all about him today - written by another journalist who had also worked with him. He was apparently 25 years old, and the writer described him as "bright, likeable and brave". The rest of the world seems to think this is a story about one Italian journalist, who is alive. How does that happen?