Friday, April 06, 2007

Staying the Course

To the anti-war protestors who want NATO to pull out of Afghanistan...

Staying the Course

The NDP and others now argue for an immediate withdrawal of Canadian troops. But pulling troops out of Kandahar would simply open the door to another Taliban takeover. There is also a real danger that the return of the Taliban would lead to civil war, since anti-Taliban warlords would almost certainly call up their militias again. It’s an odd position for the left, which has always prided itself on a commitment to social justice, to advocate a policy that could result in the suffering of millions of Afghans.
“If the international community, NATO, leaves Afghanistan—if the Taliban and al-Qaeda have southern Afghanistan—we know what will happen because we’ve already seen it,” she said. “That basically makes us complicit in what will be a crime against humanity.”


Tarous said...

Catch 22
You're damned if you don't
and you're damned if you do

Frida said...

I hope your are not necessarily damned if you do (stay the course, that is) since I'm planning to stay the course myself.