Wednesday, May 02, 2007

5 things

So, I wrote these in my journal after reading Frida's post (who got the idea from Laini). I didn't want to share it because, well, they're awfully personal. I think I'll save this as a draft and then decide whether to share it or not. I put the actual time-frame on it to make my goals a little more realistic. I tend to get ahead of myself.

A big Inshallah (God Willing) on all of this:

5 Months (April to September) -
  1. Working in Afghanistan
  2. Regularly doing 5 Prayers
  3. Regularly meditating and/or doing yoga
  4. Regularly working out
  5. Go on a fun vacation, preferably by myself
5 Years (29 years old to 34 years old) -
  1. Pay off ALL student loans
  2. Have a sizeable savings (enough not to be stressed)
  3. Get married & have a baby, or begin adoption process or steal cousin H's baby (what? He's already potty-trained!)
  4. Write a novel
  5. Travel to Mongolia, Patagonia and lots of other places
5 Decades (29 years old to 79 years old) -
  1. Be closely involved in a peaceful, joyful Afghanistan
  2. Write a collection of short stories in Dari
  3. Learn Pashto
  4. Own my home
  5. Travel to many countries
Oh, and I want to learn how to quilt. But that wasn't part of the original journal entry.

Inshallah, Inshallah, Inshallah

I have been writing a post in my head about how nice my family in California is and how much I appreciated M for taking me out and about but I haven't written it out yet. I guess I'm feeling writeative now.


pfr's momma said...

This "5's" idea really strikes a cord with me. I'll be pondering my own 5's for a while, so thanks for the incentive. My personal favorite of your "early" 5's is the marriage/baby thing - I'm crazy for the idea of you young 'uns having babies.

homeinkabul said...

I think that was the one I felt most hesitant about sharing - but we'll see... :)

omg said...

Pre-potty trained babies? That would be brilliant.

When you go to Mongolia, you must stay in a yurt. Because I love that word.


hamesha: said...

Delighted to see more than one of your plans involve writing.

I am sending Inshaallahs your way too.

Frida said...

You have beautiful, noble goals.

I plan to try and adopt my children. My boyfriend has a strong ethical position against having biological babies as long as there are already babies and children who need homes. I don't feel as absolutely as he does but I certainly agree that adoption is something I want to aim for. I met another of Aman's cousins who had adopted a beautiful Afghan baby, but she was not yet able to leave the country with him. That scares me a little bit. But I hope it will be resolved for her.

I also love that you have plans to write more - you already know how highly I think of your writing and the impact it has.

Kristin Ohlson said...

I'm glad you're feeling writeative again!

I love making lists like this and have reams of them. Never thought of organizing them thusly, though, in fives. Maybe I'll try it-- but don't know as I can post them.

I share all your five month goals and in fact will be back in Kabul May 26, until June 23. Share some of your five year goals, especially the novel one. I decided after seeing the Bill Maher show last night that I would like him to be my next husband, but I doubt that this will come to pass.

homeinkabul said...

O: Dude, yeah. I love both potty-trained babies and yurts.


H: Thanks friend, I am looking forward to reading your next post.

F: You're so kind, thank you. The baby that you mentioned is the one that I want to steal! :)

K: Thanks! Sharing these goals make me feel quite exposed and vulnerable - but I decided to share them anyway...I"m not going to Kabul this summer after all (see my most recent post). :( I'm very sad not to be able to meet you or Van...

Chaoyang said...

I am constantly amazed by the courage great writers have to share themselves with their readers...