Friday, May 11, 2007

Afghanistan & U.S. 2008 Elections

Got this e-mail, y'all do it too:

I noticed that neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama have anything on Afghanistan on their websites. I suggest that Americans interested in Afghanistan all go to their homepages and request that they provide their views on Afghanistan. I looked at the Republican G.O.P. website but couldn't find a 'contact us' page - if anyone has info on that, please let me know. They didn't have a tab devoted to Afghanistan either.

Also, if you are an American citizen, please register to vote (if you haven't already).

This shouldn't take more than 10 minutes and will show that Afghanistan is an still important issue.

Barack Obama's contact page:

Hillary Clinton's contact page:

Here is a sample script:

Dear Senator,

As a voting American, I am interested in learning about your views on Afghanistan. The reconstruction of Afghanistan is an important issue and one that should not be ignored. I look forward to hearing from you or finding a post on your website with your views on Afghanistan. Thank you for your time.

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