Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Afghan Engagement Parties

K: Did I tell you that I'm invited to an engagement party tonight? Any tips on what I'm supposed to do or not do?

Me: well, you're probably going to be bored. wear LOTS of makeup and the shiniest or fanciest outfit you have. Afghans like bling. pretend you are a jingle truck and adorn yourself accordingly.
smile alot, and say everything is beautiful, inshallah they will be happy and etc. oh and get a ride arranged, you may feel like going home early...blame jet lag.


Despite my attitude, K had a lovely time.


Chaoyang said...

ha! that is excellent advice!!

I would add: be very prepared for all the "are you married, yet" questions. otherwise you'll likely walk out of there with a marriage proposal or five!

omg said...

Hee hee. You so fonny.

Kristin Ohlson said...

Yes, plenty of people asked if I was married (I am). The teenaged girls asked if I like to dance. Everyone wanted to know if I had had enough to eat. Mostly, the people at this gathering spoke no English, so it did get boring after a while just smiling in mute incomprehension at people who were trying to talk to me. But everyone was gracious and welcoming-- that needed no words.

Finally, the friend who had invited me found two women among the guests who spoke English well. Then they did some wedding dissing.

And hey, HomeInKabul-- I met TOR yesterday!