Monday, June 11, 2007

Head scarves, liberation or oppression?

Here’s an insider tip for my male Muslim friends, even the so-called progressive ones who say they don’t care whether women veil or not: the difference between you and me is that you’ve never had to make this decision. And as much as we love you — plural — for claiming that you don’t care what conclusion we come to, the fact is you will never have to be in this position. And that, right there, makes your experience of Islam different from ours. - from Kufi girl on 'To veil or not to veil: that is the question.'
Girl, speak it.

This is completely on point.

Excuse me for being out of touch, friends - I am tirrrrrrrrred. I plan on writing on this subject - but I want to make sure y'all read KufiGirl's perfect synopsis of the 'hijab' issue.


Frida said...

I want to read more of your thoughts on this subject - my own jury is still out somedays on whether I should be wearing the hijab - as a non-muslim woman working in Afghanistan. My Afghan friends give me their views and they differ wildly. Some days I go one way, other days another. I'd like to know what you think about haraji and the hijab if you have the energy one day!

chaoyang said...

but do the Muslim guys feel they gotta do the beard thing?

i'd be interested to hear a guy talk about whether or not they've ever been religiously dismissed for their lack of facial hair.