Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Lurker Amnesty Day

Yes, people, it's Lurker Amnesty Day. Consider it the one day that my blog dictatorship becomes a democracy. Make your voice be won't even be deported!

I thought this was an original idea but when I googled 'Lurker Amnesty Day,' I saw this description: That is, lazy bloggers avoid posting original content...Well, then.

I've noticed that my readership is steadily increasing. The locations are quite diverse and I'm curious.

Go ahead, make up a nickname and say howdy, hey or maybe even hi. You can say what you want but here are some ideas: How'd you find me (but please keep my anonymity in mind)? Do you want me to discuss something in particular? Ask me a question if you like, I'll answer it.

Go on, you know you want to.


Pocahantas said...

Hello, my name is Pocahantas, but i am also known as the Princess.

I came across your blog while visiting an internet cafe in Dubai. I was in Dubai for a fortnight to attend a conference on indigenous basket weaving techniques, because I am a basket weaver by trade. If you ever find yourself in Front Royal at the foot of Shenandoah, stop by and have a visit.

I hope you'll write more stories about your diasporic experiences. Maybe something from the Indian Reservation where you did a study abroad?

SuperfluousA said...

I didn't realize you had posted all these great things till now! So I'm using this amnesty to generally comment. On the note of mothers saying funny things to their kids I thought I would share.

Mom: You're deformed. Look at your arm it's crooked.
Superfluous A: It's not crooked it's fine.
Mom: No it's crooked you're defective. What are we going to do?
Superfluous A: Why don't you just return me and get a new one?
Mom: I can't. I lost the receipt.

Keep up the good work on the blog - I think the thing I appreciate most about it is the fact you've kept your anonimity. Try to catch 40 Most Softsational Soft Rock Songs on VH1. I know you'd like it.

Afghan PenLog said...

Cool blog, just let you know that there is Afghan PenLog

omg said...

Only one and a half lurkers de-lurked? Really? I'm sure you have more lurkers than that. Enh, people are wary. It was a great idea though. I think I'll steal it in the future.

homeinkabul said...

Pocahantas: Welcome and now I want to learn about basket weaving! I'll write more about the Rez, good idea.

S: I missed you girl and oh, how I've missed your mom and her funniness

APL: Welcome, I linked you.

O: Dude, I KNOW there are more of them, my site meter doesn't lie!

SuperfluousA said...

Wait am I the half?

omg said...

superfluosa - No, I didn't count you as a half, or as one, 'cause I'd seen you around before.

HiK -- I thought I was getting more readers too. Then I figured out/decided that you were just pinballing around the metro area, making use if the wi fi. ;-)

pfr's sista said...

ahem...although i think you already know that i lurk, i thought i should speak up. i'm really so lazy, that i don't comment often enough. and i'm a little intimidated by the meme(?) that you tagged me there a time limit on that thing?
p.s. although i wouldn't mind, i think that linking to my website/blog might be a danger to your anonymity

homeinkabul said...

O: No way dude, I usually check from home or just use it from one other coffee shop. It's can't be all me. :)

PFR: Hmm, yes, the anonymity is a good point.

I've decided that the lurkers must all be in the cia. Random locations, no referrals. Yup, that's it. ;)

Anonymous said...

hi :)
i stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago in my post-graduation boredom, and i really enjoy reading your your blog. i'm afghan as well, and reading all this makes me feel a little less alone (i think we share a lot of the same views/opinions).

Kristin Ohlson said...

Well, you do know that you don't have a new lurker in AFghanistan based on my footprint-- it's just me, reading from Kabul. Although I got a paranoid feeling seeing all the visits my blog was getting from Afghanistan and wondered who was SO very interested in my doings here. Then realized that at least some of them were me. :)
I'm reading too many scary news articles.