Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Will Our Fun With the Attorney General Never End?

I am getting more irritated with the media. A few lines illuminating the actual situation in Afghanistan rather than playing right into the hands of the political agendas of these dudes on a power trip.

So, our favorite dude on a power trip, Attorney General Sabit, has announced that NATO has refused to help Afghanistan with fighting corruption (i.e., disarming private militias):
Afghans seek help on corruption

Of course, it doesn’t mention that Sabit only wants help disarming specific private militias. Y’know, the ones that aren’t affiliated with Hekmatyar (I need to add that this wiki article is completely biased).

Here’s a tip for journalists covering Afghan politics:

- Get on Dr. Rubin’s listserve
- Read Ahmed Rashid’s articles
- Read e-ariana or Afghanistan News Center to get a general sense of the news in Afghanistan

It's not that hard and you'll be doing exactly what the people of Afghanistan need rather than some dude on a power trip.

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