Friday, August 17, 2007



I'm packing.

Why do I have so many black jackets? Sure, they're cute and I need them. But now I'm on black jacket (and black pants) probation.

I have a feeling that I will look like Lucius Malfoy when I get there. Except not a Death Eater. Or blond.

Or maybe like Keanu Reeves in Matrix.

It's so hard to figure out clothing for Kabul. I'll discuss this once I figure out whether all my black pants need to go to Afg with me.


Frida said...

Hehe. I can imagine you looking like those two kiss-ass guys. Funny thing it was here in Afghanistan that I totally let go of black jackets and pants. The dust and mud always showed up too much so I became the Diva of browns - caramel and chocolate are my wardrobe foundations then lots and lots of lovely collours added by way of scarves. I'm all about brown in this town!

chaoyang said...

ooh, you'd look lovely in brown, HiK.

But kickass in Black.

Take the Black. Wear the Black. You can't have too much Black.