Thursday, November 30, 2006


I'm very busy and I don't feel like writing. It's also been quiet in Kabul (shukur), so I haven't felt the need to write that I'm okay.

I'm okay though.

The weather is cold and it feels like it's sinking into my bones. My thyroid, I think, has completely slowed down and I feel every symptom (sensitivity to cold, insomnia, fatigue, muscle cramps, weakness). In fact, I took a bucket bath last night and started to cry because I was so cold. I'm not a wuss. Well, I am. But not this much.

It'll be good to get checked out and hopefully start the medicine.

I'm leaving for the U.S. soon. It was hard to make my decision to study for the bar exam in the U.S. I did a special prayer (Istekhara) to ask for guidance. I had a dream that I interpreted to mean that I should let go of my idealized notions about working here. There has been too much angst about my coming to Afghanistan. I need to learn how to relax, work hard and enjoy. 'Live in the along' per Gwendolyn Brooks.

So I should be leaving in about a week or so, Inshallah.

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omg said...

That's so soon! But that's okay, 'cause I'm ready for you to be in top health. I hope your preparations and travels go well.