Tuesday, October 10, 2006

All rather anti-climactic

After all the crying and just plain mopiness of yesterday, the radioactive iodine treatment was a bit of a let-down. The only slightly intimidating Star Trek aspect of it was that the pill was encased in this metal bottle and that was encased in another metal cabinet with danger signs on it. The sweet little lady (she looked so young), put on her gloves, pulled it out, took the top off of the little plastic bottle (the last layer of protection) and then handed it to me.

Then Bobah and I went to Chick-fil-A. He didn't eat (fasting) but I took it home and gobbled it up.

I don't feel any effect yet, other than my first bad bout of hives in a long time. But even that isn't so bad because Inshallah, I'll feel better soon. Thanks to everyone for their prayers, kind words and generally putting up with my hissy fits. I blame all my drama on my thryoid. You can blame all your drama on my thyroid too!

New blog, or rather, old blog of a person I met a few times and have now re-discovered her blog. Enjoy:


moi said...

so happy to hear that it went better than expected! has your dad turned off the light to see if you glow yet? you're still in my thoughts...take care

omg said...

I've already commented on the crazy-coolness of the steel-entrapped wonder pill, so:

Chick-fil-a! Mmm... I always crave Chick-fil-a on Sunday, when they're not open. A new one is being built less than five minutes from my house. I can't wait.

chaoyang said...

Hmm, I'm checking in after a few days.... Dear, I hope you are well/become well. It sounds like the iodine pill was scary, but I'm glad it turned out better than you thought it would.

I had a physical exam in a local hospital today - they spoke no English. I had a translator with me who spoke very little English. God bless America for it's views on personal space and privacy. The whole time I was thinking of you visiting your clinic in Kabul. Then I was thinking scary thoughts about evil mad doctors, as portrayed in movies (mad scientist types) - Hey, I'm in China, I'm sure you can imagine what I'm refering to. Think hollywood spy/action with mad scientists... Well, it wasn't like that, thankfully. but i still miss the US privacy sensibilities.

My theory is, there are so many ppl here and very little space, so no one grows up with personal space (like own bedroom or bathroom, etc). so it doesn't occur to them that others might need some personal space.

I think i'm off on a tangent. and I haven't told you why i had the physical in the first place. I'll email you.

Basically, my thoughts and speedy recovery thoughts are with you.

homeinkabul said...

M: No, but my little brother keeps making the zzz zap sound whenever he gets close to me.

O: Yes. I I heart chick-fil-a. and all the illness(es) has exempting me from fasting so chick-fil-A Yay!

C: Your physical exam sounds HORRIBLE

Shabana said...

We met a few times? Am hoping we can re-connect. (BTW, I haven't figured out who you are and I promise I won't name you).