Monday, October 02, 2006

welcome my sister!

I'm so excited! A new blog and it looks like it's by an Afghan-American!

Thanks Q!


SuperfluousA said...

Just caught up on most of your blog. My what an eventful life you do lead. After much thinking and speculation...I have updated ye olde bloggy of my concerns. Check it out. It's all for you.

Anonymous said...

This is Zohra from the KabulKabul blog. Thanks for leaving a comment and the shoutout on the blog. I see you are trying to be anonymous. However, I would love to meet up sometime - I am trying to get to know Afghan-Americans more. Write to this email if you want:

Take care and salaam!

homeinkabul said...

Thanks S! Lovely post and now you have to do it more often.

Zohra, email sent!

K-Oh said...

Did you see that PARSA has a blog?

mother-in-law said...

homeinkabul, let's get together with Zohrajan when you get back to Kabul bakhayr. I would also like to meet her. I wanted to leave a comment but since her site only accepts Blogger's comments, I couldn't. We miss you lots!!!

Chaoyang said...

A thousand lies couldn't scare me away from you, kaddu gul! sorry for the extended silence - I've been enjoying India's countryside, sans electricity or running water. My dad does have this nifty satellite card for his laptop that I can use to get online, but, predictably, it doesn't work in India. It does work in Thailand, so here I am :)

I need to catch up on the posts. But wanted to quickly check in, once I saw my name. Welcome to Zohra - can't wait to check your blog out!