Sunday, October 01, 2006

I love the internet

Sharing just to share:

I told my mom that untreated hyperthyroid can lead to coma and her response was a huge GASP and clutching of the side of the seat. My response was, "I'm an idiot for telling you that." and then went on to tell her that in fact, if it's untreated for years and years and years. Excuse me while I go scratch my hives.

Well, I feel like I've become Debbie Downer (that link was for Chaoyang, who hasn't been commenting lately - did I scare you with my lies?) so I thought I would link to all the websites that I read on a regular basis (in addition to the stuff linked on the right). I didn't link to some blogs b/c I wasn't sure if they were private or not...


Television Without Pity
I found these through TWOP
Tomato Nation
AB Chao

Yeah, I live in Worcester
Pink is the New Blog - I'm a little ashamed of this one but it helps me keep up to date on pop culture while I'm in Afg.
Afghan Blog
Barely Legal - Wait, not what you think!
jesus' favorite
Book of Marvels
Sand gets in my eyes
The Croation Sensation
Daily OM
Fresh Yarn
Post Secret
Overheard in New York


K-Oh said...

Well, thank you for including my blog! Thanks for the connection to the other blog from Afghanistan. I like to keep up on what's happening there.

Are you back home in Kabul or still home in the States?

Jason said...

Hey baby, thanks for the inclusion, I appreciate it!! I didn't know you had a blog, can I blogroll you?? I also just bookmarked it so every morning I can see how ya are.

chaoyang said...

wow, u visit all of these, every day? how are your eyes? I've been to a few, wait, maybe just one, "overheard in New York" - you referred me ages ago (hmm, maybe not THAT long ago, but still...) i love it.

thanks for all the others.

chaoyang said...

Ha! I finally checked out your debbie downer link - thanks for the refresher - she was funny - so are you :)