Sunday, March 11, 2007

In case you were wondering

I'm reading all the books I bought during the last four months. Tariq Ramadan's 'In the Footsteps of the Prophet' is what I'm reading right now.

I'm thinking deep thoughts. Well, not really but it's my blog. We can pretend, can't we?

I'm meditating. I'm on day two - I think entirely too much and in words. It's weird, I know.

I'm acknowledging all my blessings.

I'm making cards and the envelopes. Don't hate.

I'll consider writing up a real post later.


omg said...

I was indeed wondering what you were doing with your
"unstructured" days.
Yay for an update!
Yay for reading!

Anonymous said...

I'm onto day 15 of my meditation 'habit' - somedays I love it, some I really resist it, most days I am just doing it (steadfastness is supposed to be on of the qualities that this practice will cultuvate).

Are you in Kabul? I'm thinking of you a lot, I've had such a tough six months and I'm still working at getting through each day. I'm coming to Kabul today and if you wanted to meet I think we could find some common ground to share.

If not know that I'm thinking of you as you work to be present in those difficult thoughts and feelings - and sending lots of tenderness and strength you way.


Anonymous said...

BTW - That last comment was from Frida - haven't figured out how to sign into your comments with my new Typepad account yet!

Tulsa said...

Indeed, we were wondering! Thank you for the update. Enjoy the reading. Pass on book suggestions, please.

enjoy. we missed you.

our days were eternal nights without your thoughts. each day we'd look to our computer screens, anxiously hoping for that first ray of morning sunlight that comes with your new posts.

omg said...

yeah, what she said. ^^

PCR Project said...

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SuperfluousA said...

Yeay! It's over! I don't think anyone can adequately capture that feeling of emptiness you have after you realize you have nothing you must do the next day, or the day after. It's like phantom-anxiety.
Anyway, I read the Kite Runner in two days. Amazing novel. Gave it to my friend she finished it in a few days. Thank you for the recommendation. Now it's time to read A Fine Balance.

homeinkabul said...

O: Yes, Yay for reading! I hope you have time to read with your guests... :) Thanks for agreeing with Tulsa btw.

Frida: Not in Kabul but I really do appreciate your thoughts. I hope we get to meet one day! I haven't been consistent but I'm trying. I shortened my meditation time - I was starting to dread it.

Tulsa: Your comments make me so happy - I hope we get to talk soon soon soon!

PCR: I'll check it out, thank you.

S: Yes, empty and just plain angsty. I'm glad it's over and I hope I passed...I'm glad you liked the book - I really did also.