Monday, July 09, 2007

Grand plans that dissolved into an update

I had grand plans for my next post. One is about the hijab and another is about color & race.

Y'all will just have to make do with this update-y post until about the end of the month. If I finish everything early (this would require magic), then I'll post.

I'm tired. I haven't prepared for the exam as well as I should have (I have a whole host of reasons, stuff I would've have chosen to do despite the slight panic I'm facing now). I have a paper to finish, family stuff to take care of, prepare for travel back to the watan (soon Inshallah!) and oh yeah, and I no longer have health insurance.

Umm, I really wasn't planning on complaining in this post. I planned to mention that I have finally accepted the HiK moniker that Q gave me. I noticed that LoA has titled the link to my blog as why fight it?

I've stopped dieting as it was ruining my quality of life. Y'all know I like to eat. According to the health charts, I'm at a healthy weight and don't need to lose I'm done with dieting. It's an early birthday present to myself.

So, until later, go read Afghanistanica and Dr. Rubin's new blog. Afghanistanica called him a 'super-academic' (and he's right). Oh, and if someone called me a super-academic, it would be on my business card immediately. Then I would refer to myself in the third person, "Well, as the Super-Academic mentioned in her previous post..." Perhaps this is why fame is eluding me, to keep me humble.

Oh, and since I seem to be anonymously sucking up, go get some Gulestan products. I use the
rose toner and it's wonderful.

You know what else I'd like to do? Revamp my blog completely. But that would cause my head to implode. I can't imagine that being a good thing.


omg said...

Oh my goodness. You've switched sides. It threw me off, but now it's kind of exciting.

Well, it is the month of Harry Potter. Perhaps a little magic is possible.

Did not know you were previously trying to avoid "HiK." Oops. Sorry.

homeinkabul said...

Yes, it is still throwing me off. I actually did it so I can put up a poll - but switching to a new template didn't work...

Nah, I wasn't actively trying to avoid it, now I've accepted it fully.

Frida said...

I look forward to the posts about the hijab and colour/race but it's nice just to have an update for now. I know the feeling of not being as prepared as I should be/would like to be, and it's not nice. But it seems like you are not beating yourself up too much which is good.

Congratulations on stopping dieting - unless someone needs to do so for health reasons I'm not a fan. Exercise, on the other hand, I love. Here in Ghor I'll take a while to figure out what kind of exercise will be suitable but I will find my thing.

I'm off to check out your links.

helen said...

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chaoyang said...

yah, the switching sides got me, too. at first i thought I'd been away for just toooo long...

and i didn't realize HiK was disfavored, either... did I miss that comment??

and I'm sending positive energy your way. I miss you and wish you well and still think you're amazing and know you can do this.

i was thinking of you all last week during my weekend karokaram escape. when you're back in the Watan and the crazies in the world stop acting crazy, let meet at the Khunjerab Pass for some tea in big blue mugs and take a stroll through the mountain covered peaks and you can show me how to become a better photographer.

HiK said...

F: I actually have one post written out on paper about justice & the mass grave recently found outside of Kabul, but I haven't had time to type it out. I've been enjoying running alot more these days, now that I do it for fun.

Helen: I can't decide if the comment from Helen is spam or not, so I'll just let it be. Welcome if you're not a spammer and go away if you are.

C: Nah, not disfavored, just not actively embraced. So, I'm embracing now. That sounds like so much fun! I miss those blue mugs - I let my brother have them. I may take them back if he isn't taking proper care of them...

Anonymous said...

I love Afghanistan too lol, i was actually in kandahar for 72 days this summer, it was a blast. Im 19 and this is the third time ive gone in my entire life. The first time was 4 yrs ago with my family and the next two times i went by myself =)