Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pimpin my friend's business

Saint Mary's Market

First, a disclaimer, this is my friend's business. Please be assured that I wouldn't give a positive review if I didn't actually like the products. Got it? Okay, let's carry on then.

As you all know, I love food. What you don't know is that I don't just love Afghan food. I love Jamaican food too.

Jamaican food brings back warm memories of going over my friend's house in high school and having dumplings (where's the dumpling & stew recipe?!), goat curry and my favorite, jerk chicken. Oh and Oxtail. That picture of the oxtail doesn't convey how good that stuff is. It's the perfect recipe for a cold winter evening. Well, as cold as it can get in the Deep South (shut up, we have blizzards sometimes).

Now I'm hungry (Could someone bring me some Ting?). PFR can attest to our giddy delight at finding Ting at the local supermarket in DC (I LOVE YOU TING).

Anyway, now that I'm grown and don't live 10 minutes away from my friend's house - I must make do with my own cooking. This is quite helpful in that regard and I plan on taking a bit of jerk seasoning to Kabul with me.

I've been meaning to do a write-up on it ever since I was given the Niyabingi Nettle & Rosemary soap as a gift. I love the rosemary and while the nettle was a little rough at first, it softened up when I ran the soap under water. It also served as a great exfoliant. I have super duper sensitive skin, ever since the medicine debacle of 2006, and this is one of the few soaps that doesn't irritate my skin. Oh yeah, the soaps are hand-made and organic.

That's the end of my unpaid advertisement. And now I'm really, really hungry.


Harlem Mama said...

How awesome! (blushing) thanks, girl. You are most definitely an honorary Jamaican gal! Many many peace and blessings!

chaoyang said...

mmm. I'm hungry, too.

I miss thai food in upper g'town, but I don't miss the mosquitoes.

jamaican food sounds delish.