Monday, December 04, 2006

Happiness is...

Happiness is sitting on a brown couch, watching T.V., aching knees covered in a red comforter. Laughing and giggling with two close friends.

A very satisfying Friday. I spent the night at H’s. I slept in her warm warm bed while she slept on the floor (thanks girl), took a long, hot shower, we had breakfast and enjoyed a long leisurely brunch. It was a buffet and I ate more food enough to cover the cost.

Must I be mocked for being a strategic eater?

My cousin had a going away party for me. Actually, it was a 'Going Away Ninja' party because I leave and come back so often. I love my family and friends. I even had a 'Goodbye Ninja' cake.

Now I'm a Snowed In Ninja. Ah well, I'm not handling the plane reservations so I just relaxed all day and am chilling with my girl H and her bootleg internet.


pfr said...

strategic eating is the only way to go when at a buffet. just tell those haters ninja-in' ain't easy. send my greetings to everyone.

omg said...

I'm glad you have someone to giggle with.

Strategic eating? Such an important skill. I need to develop it. My mother-in-law mocks me for my lack of strategic eating skills. I never get my (or anyone else's) money's worth at a buffet. Teach me. I am your grasshopper.

chaoyang said...

i love the image of the red comforter and giggling. I bet it was one of those giggle-til-your-sides-hurt-even-though-you-don't-remember-why-you-started-giggling type of giggles.

safe travels ninja-gul - don't order the Muslim Meal.

Chaoyang said...

Off topic: I recently learned that The Kiterunner is being made into a major motion picture, right here in Beijing. I found out from a friend who auditioned for and got the part of a nurse.

1st. why shoot it in China? Are there enough Afghans here to play the parts? My friend is not Afghan, but she is Lebanese-Hungarian, so maybe she can pass? And she doesn't speak Dari or Pushto (to my knowledge), so I assume the film is shot in English (unless they are dubbing).

2nd. I don't remember a nurse in the book. My friend did say it was a small part, so I assume it was a small scene in the book - can you refresh my memory?

3rd. My friend's scene was shot in a mental asylum here - she did mention it was quite freaky. This 3rd comment has nothing to do with the book/movie - I just thought it mention-worthy.

4th. Doesn't the Afghan part take place in Kabul and the US part in LA? I'm having a hard time fitting either city's scenery into Beijing.

omg said...

Maybe the nurse is from the part after the main character returns to Kabul to complete his mission (don't want to give away too many details here) and gets beaten up. Then he goes back to Pakistan, I think, and wakes up in the hospital. (His father is also sick for some time, right? So I guess it could be that as well, but that would definitely be an LA scene.)

I find it interesting that they're shooting in Beijing. I don't know enough about either city to explain why, though.

homeinkabul said...

I've arrived to the U.S. and I'm tirrrrreed.

omg said...

happy happy joy joy

Anonymous said...

pfr: see, i knew you'd be there.

O: you gotta go for the big ticket items, forget the balanced meals. it's the salad and bread that will make you go astray...

C: Yes, it was that type of giggle. I've been blessed to laugh alot lately, though it makes me miss my friends even more. It's a blessing to have friends who will help ease my aching joints through laughter.

I didn't realize they were shooting in China, probably safety reasons and the earlier scenes wouldn't mesh well in war torn Kabul.

O: Thanks. :)