Sunday, June 25, 2006

another update

I’m feeling better. Not sick anymore (shukur) but I am hiccupping like I have just found it in Kabul’s outdoor bazaar, ‘mandayee’, bargained for 30 minutes and then put it in a thin pink plastic bag and proudly carried it home. Yes, that is how I’m hiccupping. With flair!

I’m alone in my office, eating my sandwich, writing this entry and gazing at the following website: Oh, and hiccupping too.

I’m slowly getting used to Kabul. I am still homesick but not as sad as I was last week. I’m slowly getting in the rhythm of Kabul. It’s different from last time and it’s taking some time to reconcile the Kabul in my head with the Kabul of my life. Also, I haven’t been walking around the city, so that’s just odd. I am driven from location to location. It’s the fastest and most efficient way to get around, of course – but I miss my walks. I should start them again.

Last Friday, I helped paint an Aschiana school outside of the city. It’s part of Love Kabul, Clean Kabul. Once a month, we do things like paint schools or orphanages, plant trees and etc. It’s always a good group of people. I’m uploading a picture of my paint-splattered hand to prove that I actually worked. A certain relative of mine equates messiness with efficiency so perhaps he will understand that I merely washed up sooner than he did.

I'll try to update more often. I am not looking at Kabul with traveler's eyes anymore. Which is a shame, but perhaps it's a sign that I'm settling in?

5 comments: said...

Glad to see your up and bloggen' I was wondering what the people in your area need?
I have access to meds that can be shipped. We need a place to ship mostly asthma meds vitamins.

kofi said...

does this mean i can call you angelina jolie-pitt? i am glad you are settling in. as for being driven around, who drives you and in what? it sounds fascinating. do post more pics, and next time be really dirty.

Imperial said...

I think it's time for another update :)

BTW, how much per kilo is hiccups going for? it was about 20 rupees a kilo in the K-town across the border.

homeinkabul said...

Kofi, is this general lion? My co-worker is letting me use his driver until he leaves (my co-worker walks to work). The driver has a corolla.

and who is imperial? I think 20 rupees sounds about right.

batya said...

omg im soo happy you are a blogaholic.