Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'm feeling less like a drama queen now

But the screaming baby (the WHOLE flight) did not help matters.

R: you have to think of a better name than Anonymous. Titanic was sad! Not when DiCaprio died though but when the Musicians went down with the ship. The social injustice of it all!!


Tele Ramirez said...

i think it is physically impossible for you to be less of a drama queen!!! just a little tough love from the states, or the district, as the case may be. i'm glad you got there safely, but i am upset you didn't tell me about your blog sooner. for some reason i was under the impression that you would be back in the fall... anywho, lola wore the dress you bought her yesterday. i went upstairs to wake her up when i got home from work and she was wearing it. she looked so cute, not because of the dress, but because her hair was all messed up. take care.

pee pee caca said...

you know, i hope i haven't blown the cover that you have worked so hard to achieve. i am a litte slow, but once i took the time to actually read the blog from the beginning, i kinda said to myself, oops! oh well, its not like i said your name or anything, and just b/c you choose to be incognito doesn't mean that i have to be. don't worry, i won't reveal your secret, and i may even assume a new identity from here on out, it will be my little game. keep things interesting.

Imperial Sugar Land said...

Welcome to Kabul :) And thank for sharing your drama.

Pee Pee Caca: Is this going to be your official alias? If I quickly skim your name, it could almost be PePsi Cola, which I assume is not what you mean at all, which makes it all the cooler.

pumuckl said...

welcome back to Afghanistan then :-) just tumbled over your blog. myself I am in Herat since beginning April this year, trying to do a useful job but sometimes think the only useful thing I am doing is blogging, and even here one could debate.

but actually I just wanted to tell that I feel with you, saying good-bye is an awful thing, because you never know what is happening and if things are the same when you meet again. but on the other hand, this is what makes life interesting, and saying good-bye is the only way to meet again and enjoy and appreciate others even more!

oh and I wish you good luck with keeping your anonymity.... I am not too good at it I fear. if you really mean it seriously, check out my post "about writing blogs" (10th May) there is the link to a great handbook with a thousand good tips :-)

choda hafez

Anonymous said...

Tele: Well, I know i am a bit of drama queen - but not too too much.

Pumuckl: Welcome and thanks, it's not totally anonymous but I have just decided not to address too controversial topics. Which is not as much fun as blog could be, but I'll do my best with the limitations.