Saturday, June 17, 2006

Checking in

Well, I got my first hate comment today. It was pretty weird, since I was expecting it about a more controversial topic and this was about my 'crybaby' post. I think it said something about me being a self-absorbed little twit. I deleted it. Why? Because it's MY BLOG. And, I have a sneaking suspicion of who it is.

Today was my first day of work. I was really nervous before but it ended up being alright.

Nothing too special to report. I am still trying to guage measures to take to be safe. I am now worried about the Afghan Police. A friend told me that some Aid workers were taken to a police station and harassed for three hours. I hope that isn't going to become common. It really wasn't before.

Fridays are my only days of here and I spent last Friday with my cousins, playing volleyball. Team HomeinKabul won one game and then lost terribly the second time around.

I'm exhausted, early to bed.


Anonymous said...

you made it home safe! and I know you'll do your best to stay safe. peaceandlove
and you are NOT a crybaby...and so what if you are for a moment? Big tears are allowed for big events. hmmm....I think I can guess the hater, too. how sad.

pushy former roommate said...

So which outfit did you go with for the big first day? Glad to hear that you made it safely and hope you're settling well. So, do you already have plans for your next day off? More competitive games with the cousins? May I suggest charades....
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Wait, who are you anonymous? give me a hint!

PFR: Dark gray pants, pink shirt and long black jacket with a scarf that I have forgetten the color of...

Oh, girl, Charades - thanks for reminding me. It's on!!

vasco pyjama said...

Hey! Hope you are settling in. Wanna do something on Friday?

Email me on vasco_pyjama at if you can!

Harlem Mama said...

it is I - harlem mama, your anonymous bud up there.