Friday, September 29, 2006

Did he lose his damn mind?

I would like to formally say: AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

At what point does sending thexy emails to a 16 year old make sense?


omg said...

Yes. Wasn't that disturbing? Yeesh.

homeinkabul said...

It was disturbing. But I cackled.

Klueless in Kabul said...

who, what??? when, where??? I missed it again, damn. (oops, I'm not supposed to curse... I'm fasting.)

chaoyang said...

hearing clips of this on CNN, this is the first time I read about it (your link - thanks) nutty, nutty, nutty.

i'll second your cackle.

so, now, along with "do you support the US foreign policy?" questions, the peeps around here are going to ask me "do you support legislatures being stupid?"