Saturday, June 02, 2007

8 Things You Don’t Know About Me

You like me, you really like me!

Okay, probably not, but I got memed by Froog, which is flattering.

Unfortunately, I think that most friends know all of this (I talk too much) and the lurkers on this blog (we will be having a lurker amnesty day soon) probably don’t know anything about me at all.

At this time, I’d also like to give a shout-out to my cousins who chanced upon this blog and figured out my identity.

I accept the baton and here are my attempts at being interesting:

1) I was born during an earthquake. Whenever my parents tell me this story, my parents have this conversation:

Bobah: We didn’t tell your mother so she wouldn’t get scared.
Madar: I knew though, I could feel it.
Bobah: No, it was very mild, so you couldn’t.
Madar: I could.

And then I rarely hear the rest of the story because they continue in this fashion for a while. Actually, everyone probably knows this since this is my response to “Tell me something interesting about yourself.”

2) I was not an experienced traveler before going to Afghanistan for the first time in 2003. I was 2 when we left and I went back at 25. Prior to this jaunt to Kabul, I had been to Germany. In my trip to Germany, I visited family. In Germany, I was scared to go on the train by myself (I did, but I was very frightened). So then I decided to go to Afghanistan. By myself. Thank God for my uncles who met me at the airport.

3) I don’t know how to peel an apple.

4) I love soccer. I played when I was younger. I wasn’t very good but I loved it then and love it now. I forgot about it when I got too busy (I shake my fist at you LAW) but now I follow DC United again. I know random facts about DC United, the Women’s & Men’s US National Teams (past and present), thanks Soccer America subscriptions in the 90’s and blogs by soccer journalists now. I know who Cle Kooiman is.

5) I worked on an American Indian Reservation for a summer. It was my study abroad that was not abroad.

6) I have been telling people that I am 30 from the day I turned 29. I don’t know if I should go to 31 on my actual 30th birthday or just consider 29 as my practice lap at 30 and be 30. I just confused myself.

7) Yesterday, I chatted with a lady at a coffee shop. I asked if I she had enough room and should I move my stuff over? She assured me that she was fine. We chatted a bit more and she told me that I was lovely and obviously smart (I was studying & HA), but being lovely helps, doesn’t it? It was quite nice and an unexpected compliment. She left a short while later and as she packed up, she turned, handed me a yellow sheet of paper with a quote and three book recommendations.

I couldn't think of an 8th interesting thing about me. Oh wait, here we are:

8) I was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck. I wasn't breathing when I was born. Once, when my mom told me this story, she turned to me and said very seriously, "It's a good thing you're not an idiot."

I (re)tag OMG, the Constant Socialite, Dr. Shannon (can I link to your blog?) and PFR's family (can I link to y'all?). I'd tag Frida but she's busy being saucy.


Tulsa said...

"(I was studying & HA)"

Is "HA" laughter? or does it stand for something?

coz you are lovely.

and you are smart.

and we really do like you!

omg said...

Delightful! There were quite a few things in there that I didn't already know.

I really like the story of the lady who goes out prepared with quotes and book recommendations.

Now I have to go google this soccer person.

Oh geez. Identified by cousins. Eek! This is my blogging nightmare. You are handling it well. Can they be trusted not to tell the rest of the family? 'Cause I'm not so sure that mine could. Hi HiK's cousins!

Thanks for the tag. I promise I really will answer to this one this time.

Froog said...

Thanks. Very interesting. The "born during an earthquake" story does take some topping.

I, apparently, was born "during Sunday lunch" - and the joint of meat in the oven was spoiled. I have lived with the guilt all my life.

Chaoyang said...

I'm with OMG on "being ID'd by cousins"

A friend here convinced me to get on facebook. I did, within 24 hours my lil'sis found me. within 48 hours I'd been hit by 258 requests from cousins to be friends.*

Now I'm too scared to get back on Facebook.

*an exagerration. probabl,y only about 181 of my cousins have regular computer access.

Shannon said...

Link away sister. I shall consider myself tagged! Very excited to see you in a few days!

Frida said...

My cousins lost interest in my blog pretty quickly, all that depressing business over winter sent them off.

I've been tagged twice for this one (once by Asma of Spelling Tuesday) so I will try to think of 8 interesting things about myself.


homeinkabul said...

Tulsa & O: These cousins are cool - so I'm not worried. But yeah, certain relatives? yeesh. I don't care if they tell the rest of the family. My main issue is being outed to outside Afghans who are lame (a rather broad category)

Tulsa, the ha was being called smart & lovely. But thank you for the compliments.

Ladies, I am looking forward to reading all of your 8 interesting things...

pfr's momma said...

yes, certainly - good incentive for me to enter the blog thoughts that have been simmering in my head. That will be on my "To Do" list for Monday night.

Kristin Ohlson said...

Hmmm-- my son was also born with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. But he was not as lucky as you.

homeinkabul said...

K, I'm really sorry.

Beaman said...

Your #8 made me laugh. I can almost picture the scenario of a mother saying that with a serious look.