Thursday, April 06, 2006

They don't have bees in Kabul

Or, Bees and Technology

My plans for a morning of studying and efficient organizing are often thwarted. I often catch up with my friends in Afghanistan or other U.S. early risers via IM and chat with them until I realize that it’s time to go to class.

Today was the same, except I blame it on the bee. I walked in to my living room to find the largest, scariest bee I had ever seen. Fortunately, it was fuzzy bumblebee. Which means they don’t have stingers.

I shrieked, ran back to my bedroom and informed my two chat buddies (CB1 & CB2).

me: there's a bee in my house, brb!
CB#1: ? are you gonna run outside??
or kill it?
rather what have you done?
then again, if you've run outside this line of questioning is moot.
me: no, it's a bumble bee
me: i ran away and squealed
i'm locked in my room now and i have a window open
i'm hoping he understands what to do

CB#1 quickly found out that bumblebees do have stingers. CB#2 told me to not leave the window open for too long as other bumblebees may come in.

I started to sweat and nearly started crying.

I ran to the living room, swatted at it with a broom, shrieked, ran back into my bedroom and chatted with CB#1 and CB#2.



I finally swatted at it and dramatically pushed it towards the window. My hands shook as I closed the window. I don’t think it died. It was scrappy. It wouldn’t die when I tried to hit it with the broom.

I’m going to school early today.


Q. A. Shah said...

They don't have bees in Kabul...

...but they sure as hell got Stingers!

Thank You. Thank You. Folks...I'll be here all week.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! do let us know if you made it out alive, or do I risk coming home to find you locked in your room, weary with hunger...

homeinkabul said...

nah, i'm inside and I don't hear any scary buzzing sounds. That would be a mean trick to play on me, by the way, buzzing in my ear...

homeinkabul said...

hamesha jan, Thanks for the advice. We have mesh screens for our windows I don't really know how the bee got in. When I went back to Afg for the first time (in 2003), we had a mouse and EVERYONE still likes to tease me about my overly-dramatic reaction. I jumped on the table...and we had guests.

homeinkabul said...

lol Q. !
, be careful, I have had bad experiences with the half-dead ones; they sting with vengeance. You may want to have someone put up some of those meshes on your window; springtime in kabul comes with its cocophony of buzzes and (lately) BOOMs... good luck,