Saturday, December 16, 2006

New Year Resolutions

I have to start now or I won't do it.

1) Stop cussing like a sailor. It's getting worse and worse. I don't want my potty-mouth.
2) Stop being afraid of everything, such as scary movies, scary stories, mice, lizards, the basement, the bathroom at night, ghosts and jinn (well, I'll still be afraid of jinn).

I had some others but I forgot them.


chaoyang said...

um, those two are a good start. but where's your resolution to visit me often? to learn to bangra? and to enjoy a guilt free thai mango with sticky rice dessert every sunday?

frankly, I'm concerned about your priorities.

omg said...

I won't knock anybody's resolutions because I think last year I resolved to find a job. Hah.

I'm trying to picture you cussing, and I can't do it. I'm sure I've heard it before, but I guess it's been too long. Give us a good cuss, for old time's sake.

homeinkabul said...

C: Yes, you're right. I think visiting you is on my new year's list. You must forgive my hypothryoid addled brain. I may have to pass bhangra and you know I have no guilt when eating!!!

O: Woman, you need to read my posts! They're chock-ful of cussing! :O

SuperfluousA said...
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SuperfluousA said...

My new years resolution is always the same: Stop growling at strangers.

(I erased the previous one for a grammatical/spelling error. Yes I'm a freak.)

chaoyang said...

superfluousa: your comment has a total of 12 words. how bad could the spelling grammar have been? now I'm really curious.

and I don't know you, but the imaginary image of you growling is funny. funnier now that I think about how I, too, am a stranger. I wonder what I would do if I saw you growling at me? laugh or run?